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1979 Lincoln Mark V Collectors Series.  821 Miles, As New, Window Sticker on car.  (Also see this car's matched 79 Contenental)   This car is100% original down to the rare and optional dual stripe Goodyear Polysteel tires.  Surviving as one of the best preserved original cars I have ever encountered, this Collectors Mark V also boasts every option that was available.  A matched museum pair to the 79 Continential.  This was not a forgotten car like many old Lincolns; this was in known FoMoCo collection and treated as a prize, stored properly for the future.  Documented down to the several battery changes the car has had in its life being about the most maintenance this car has needed.  One of two as new Collector Series I have owned.  The car shows in every manner as a new car.  A Collector Series like this example was also the top US car offered for 1979.  Being one 2040 White Collector Series Mark Vís, and being fully optioned, this car had a 24K window sticker in 1979!  Although the Collector Series came pretty much loaded and had features never seen on any other Mark V, there were a few options that were not standard.  This example has the expensive Astro Roof, the Kasman II interior option with the console, the Quad sound system, CB radio option with the chrome power CB antenna, and Dual Stripe Tire option.  Having this selection gives the car the best of absolutely everything.  Itís an every box checked car and even has a factory engine block heater just to claim it has everything.  Just for those who are not familiar with the 79 CS LincolnsÖ Leather was a $400.00 deduct on the Collector Series.  The Kasman II interior was the top interior option and offered the nice console and ebony woodtone accents and rear reading lamps with its selection.  No console, reading lamps or wood accents were available on leather cars.  This car also has the dark blue optioned wheels, something even more rare and desirable.  They really offset the car with the blue interior vs gold wheels that many had.

 A complete and very interesting history of the Collector Series can be found at;   http://automotivemileposts.com/mark51979collectorsseries.html

Being obviously a Cadillac person, I must admit that for the 1979 year Lincoln is hands down the superior car. 1980 Lincoln downsized and that put Cadillac back on top.  In 79 things on the Lincolns like the really nice Alloy wheels, the 4 wheel disk brakes, the big motor/trans and diff in a solid full frame RWD car, the side air vents, power vent windows, and dozens of other neat features put the last Mark Vs in a class all by their selves.  As the last manufacturer to hold out on the down sizing of platforms, Lincoln had one last offer with its full size Mark V and Town Car for 1979.   Lincoln was so certain that cars would never be the same after the demise of the large platform they offered a limited amount of these Collector Series as a last hurrah.  I cannot say I really like any Mark series after the Mark V myself, so they were probably right to do so. With the high cost of purchasing the Collector series cars, the few properly surviving examples are one of the last 70ís really collectible pieces and really the most collectible Lincoln to date past the early convertibles.   Those early cars are going to all be restorations but with these Mark Vs, you have to buy an original of these as to restore one properly  would be darn near impossible due to their intricacy and complexity.

 The other collectible examples that should not be overlooked are the 1978 Diamond Jubilee cars.  While the Diamonds are quite nice and rare as the 79 Collectors, you only have your choice of Baby Blue and Gold in those cars.  Baby Blue and Gold are two highly undesirable colors in todayís collector car world, at least to most people.  However, the nicest aspect of the 78 DJ cars is the fact you have a 460 engine available.  Unfortunately in 1979 there are no 460s offered.  The top motor was the 400 in 1979, and that is the only complaint I have about the 1979 Collector Series.  In a collectible Lincoln, I think the smaller motor is the lesser of the two evils compared to the gold or baby blue of the 1978 DJ cars, thus I have the 79 Collectors over a DJ.   The 400 is still a very good motor with good power, but its not the 460.  The desirable color combination of this 79 Collectors is beautiful and makes the car in every aspect despite not having a 460 available.  Never a perfect world in cars it seems, but this is about as good as it gets in a Lincoln and the 79 Collectors Series is most certainly a unique, rare and high quality piece of nostalgic automobile.  Itís just simply a good looking car any way you look at it too.

The example I have here is one heck of a time capsule.  It has survived as good as the best of the best cars I have ever encountered and is literally a flawless car.  Even the quality of paint in 1979 is exceptional for its day and still is like the day it was made.  I cannot say that for any Cadillac in 79.  The high miles at 821 were only put on the car to maintain it as good as possible, most on stands.  Some photos show the tires... All 4 have a the contact surface markings on them still.  This car has simply never been used.  The car was purchased new and put away, never to be transportation.  After all, it was called a Collector Series carÖ The first car ever to do that.

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Yes this car is this nice in person.  Makes me want to call myself Lincolnman.

This photo shows the quality of this car, paint is unbelievable for original 79.
Nice and desirable White/Blue Interior/Dark Blue wheels.
Nice sundown shot, all shots taken with Canon 5D with EF 16-35mm L 2.8 Lens
This is a great shot, I love the turbine wheels with the dual stripe L78 Polysteels
See the $1088.00 optional Astro Roof
Red white/blue!
Best Alloy wheel ever put on an American Luxury Car.  These Rare Tires are impossible to replace.
Rear shot, Vintage 1979 Texas plate added for looks, car has NEVER had a plate.
Beautiful paint reflective shot. See the Collector Series triple factory pin stripe.
The optional Kasman II Interior with Console.  Leather was a $400.00 Deduct in these.
Kasman II Interior.
Every thing here including original MSO.  This car is turn key documented down to the detail.

Perfect door panel and see the power vent windows.  Those are great!

Noted options on left side (all).  Astro, Engine heater, CB and thermometer, right side consists of a typical Kasman II Collector series

Just click this to see what you are looking for.

This is the rare integrated factory 40 Channel CB radio hidden in the console. Has the big CB power antenna too.

Vintage and rare timepieces.  Perfect Goodyear LR78-15 Dual Stripe Polysteels.  Optional on the Mark V.

Trivia! Dual stripe tires were made for Cadillac and Lincoln.  Cadillac had the Large Stripe on the outside, Lincoln on the inside.

As nice of engine as you would see at the plant the day it was made.


Wow again.

Pretty good indication of this engine compartment here.

See all original chalk marks, plug wires, tags, belts, everything untouched, nothing changed.

This is worth 1000 words.

New battery and oil change is ALL that has ever been done on this car.  AC works perfect of course as with all!

Another all you need to know shot.

Rare integrated Garage Door Opener.  Lincoln was the first to do this!

Seen from center to right are books, manual, Ford MSO, EPA Info, CB Info, Warranty Info, Umbrella, Tool Kit, Tool Kit List

Seen from center to left, original bill of sale, VIN card, keys, dealer envelope, 8 track partitions, license plate parts

Original Ford MSO!

Close up of the Write Tool Company inventory of the untouched collector series tool kit.  I have not opened it.

Close of original Bill of sale, owners VIN card and original Lincoln keys.  Not even cut!  The master is in the middle.


Perfect and rare CB/AM/FM Antenna.  See the RF trap.  This works perfect and is straight as an arrow.

The special Collector Series Hood Ornament, also use on 78 DJ.  Seen these sell for $800.00 NOS, do not lose.

Just a thrown on vintage 79 plate.  This car has never had a plate or much less been on road.

Astro Roof, perfect headliner and original starting instructions on visor

What else can I say?  Hope the car has talked enough for itself.

Some Factory Brochure Photos from 1979.  Yes that is Tom Sellek.

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