2022 Bond Election

Vote YES Nov 8th, 2022

The proposed bonds are part of the City of Carrollton’s on-going General Obligation bond program for funds that are used for our streets, neighborhoods, public safety (fire stations), recreation services, animal services and walking and biking trails.  Approval of the proposed projects will help keep Carrollton a vibrant corporate and residential community. People are drawn to the City for its high quality of life, abundant parks and safe neighborhoods, and we need to keep the City well-maintained and vibrant.

The last bond package was passed in 2018.  A committee of city residents works with the city management and the City Council to select the projects that are proposed.  The amount of bonds proposed in the 2022 bond package is calculated to maintain the City’s budgeted debt service of 0.145226, so the tax rate will not need to be increased for payment of these bonds.

A no vote will cost taxpayers additional money to pay for another election to raise the necessary bond funds for the essential work needed on our streets, neighborhood infrastructure and fire stations.  We will also miss the opportunity to improve our recreational facilities, our animal services facilities and our walking and running trails.  Please vote Yes to keep Carrollton the Best!



Citizens for the Best Carrollton (PAC)
4313 Tall Knight Lane
Carrollton, TX 75010
Karim Ali - Treasurer 

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