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The Warehouse!

This is the warehouse where I keep the other 1/2 of my cars.  If the house garage was not big enough, neither is this. 8700 Sq Ft.   With the combo of my house garage and this place, there is room for about 50 cars. If I get any more than that at one time, shoot me... and I have had more than that with no where to put those!   Sick I tell you.   I would say the first rule of collecting cars is real estate.  The second is the proper real estate.  Cars take up so much room its not funny.   Normal garages wont allow cars to last very long either because of constant temp variances, dirty environments, moist environments, and constant traffic that may eventually end up with an accident.  Keep in mind, some of these cars were save for over 50 years with nothing happening to them.  To go another 50 is probably 10X as hard as the first 50 due to the fact its already old.  The older and the more original a car, the more the environment really applies. Back to that taking the Mona Lisa out of the Louvre and putting it in your house analogy.  It probably would not last a week if that were to happen as the museums are set up with the right environment.

The type of environment in the warehouse is about the ideal, probably a good bit better than my big garage just because of the type of construction.  It is a raised concrete pier and beam floor to begin with so no moisture will ever come. The building is insulated like mad thanks to the utility company that built it, and is steel and brick construction. The best fact being a former utility building, is it is built to standards that would probably take a direct tornado hit.  It really was designed with that in mind.  Way tougher than my house or really any type of Res construction...  Heck I would live in it, but the wife would not stand for that :(    The place has 4AC units on it, 20 tons of AC.   I keep the place about 82 in the summer and 60 in the winter.  This seems to be a good manageable temp without getting crazy on utilities.  Anything above 90 seems to take its toll on cars really fast... anything around freezing is really hard too. 60-low 80s seems is about ideal, but if one were to pick a temp... probably mid 60s is ideal for the best.   That would be really hard on the utility bill though, not to mention the AC units.. but if I were REALLY serious... that is where it should be.  Of course there are no windows on the warehouse section, so UV is not a factor.  How do I sleep at night with the cars all in there?  Well it has a good alarm, electric gates, steel security blocking gate for the cars, then it has a live in guard that is in a camper every night of the year. 

I am showing you this more to "warn" you off of owning too many cars vs having any type of envy!   Respect.... possibly, but envy... no way.   I envy those that have one simple very inexpensive reliable car actually!   Collect stamps or something, cars are NOT easy to deal with!   And there is NO way to own a big car collection without a good place to park them, or a couple good places to park them.   Paying rent to store cars is crazy too, almost like making a payment.  And most of those public storage type places will age a car REAL fast.  For me, the building is an investment. "hopefully" I will sell it and make more one day, but for the mean time it does a good job of housing 1/2 of the collection.


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