1996 Mercedes Benz S420

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1996 Mercedes S420!

Mercedes S420,  Black/Black. WDBGA43E2TA302204  One owner, my neighbor, of which I have known this car since new.   Also below included at bottom are some photos from 2003, just so you see not much changed on this car over time compared to the Aug 2021 photos in my warehouse,  car has always been nice.  No repaint, no damage history!!!, garaged, maintained, 102K miles. Texas only history.  It has been in my collector car storage building for about 2 years as that is when my friend kind of stopped driving and put it with me to keep it safe....  he has now decided to part with it as of this write up.  I would own it, but already have 3 V12 benz, so redundancy is the issue.  This is going to be a cut above most any used car, especially a 25 year old one.   Yes this is now a true classic that can run historic plates.   It is not perfect, but nothing with 102K on it can be... But for its age/use, its really an exceptional lovingly cared for one owner car.  All works, AC is great, all the door closers, pumps and trunk pull down work, the power antenna is perfect... All the things you see broken on this cars are NOT broken on this one.  The big one is the AC Evap done at dealer 2015 for $6500, compressor same time.  I did throttle body and top section wiring harness that is temperamental several years back when it was giving him a few issues.  All great since.  Cosmetically, No dings!  Really... None.    The paint speaks for itself as with the rest of it.  Make sure you look at all the 28MP blow ups.  Things needed?  Just you to care for it.  Things I would do as personal taste, put AMG W140 18" factory wheels on it..  Will put it over the top... But that is up to you.  But  The W140 is probably Mercedes most substantial platform ever done, but you probably know that already if you are looking at this.  Of course the V12 S600 is the king of that, but this car is no slouch either with the 32V V8 with a little less temperament over time vs the V12 cars.   This car is for sale, it will make someone a nice weekend car and go to dinner car.  It is timeless, classy and is respected anytime it is seen.







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