1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

The King of Brougham's Twin - LT1

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1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham - The Other One

1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.  LT1 5.7 V8.  3X Black, Astro Roof. Under 30K miles.  If you follow my cars, you may think that you have seen this car in what I call the "King of Broughams".   That car is the brand new GM Museum car that has 800 miles on it.  This is NOT that car, but I have it because I cannot ever move the other car so I sought out the best of the best in these that I could take out here and there in a twin.  This car may represent the world's finest surviving "driver" brougham that is 3X black and loaded to the max.  This car is identical to my brand new one with 3 exceptions;  It has under 30K miles vs 800, it has tastefully tinted windows, and it does not have the V4P trailer package option.  However its got everything else including Astro Roof, CD, Brougham Leather with Lumbar and heated seats, KC4 HD cooling and engine oil cooler, Solar Guard Windshield, Trunk Lock. Factory Chrome Wheels.  What this car has that the other does not have is top show awards.   Why ??  Because it is that nice.  The other would do as well if not better of course but just taking it to a show would put wear on it, even if it was trailered.  This one is to say;  "you think this is nice, wait till you see the other".   Now really they are closer in condition than they are father apart, but its unusual to see one of these this nice that is not a museum brand new saved car like the main theme of my collection consists of.  This car IS ORIGINAL EVERYTHING (tire are not though on this one but correct).  This car is going be hard to top.    In my full time of searching personally and my group I have that helps too, I know I can find really nice 94-96 broughams if I am willing to pay good money.  But all of those will have red flags like carriage tops, odd duck or poor options, bad colors, repaint/restoration.....  But show me where another 3X black and fully loaded in #1 show condition car is at, and I am your buyer.  I have these 2 cars as I sought them out an paid dearly to get them.   That CF5 astro roof in these 94-96 cars really is rare.  Many are not factory but called that by the unknowing.  CF5 is the RPO that will be on the decal in the trunk the car must have to be factory.  It and the V4P option are the most rare to see on these cars.  Then add perfect original condition in 3X black... its not like these are east to find or can be special ordered this many years later.

As most people know, this car represents the last year of the full size GM Body on Frame car.  A car that is certain never to be built again in light of the higher profit margin unibody cars now made.  This is also car that will outlast time. You see so many old cadillacs built on the chassis still going strong 40+ years later and still original.  Most of these cars were labeled as old designs, aging platform, low technology, etc.  They did not cater to the younger and hipper crowds.  Yes, they are old designs, one that dates back 50 years.. BUT looking at the big picture, is anything designed today actually better?  I have to say some things are, but putting a new "high tech" car to the test of time, I say no way.  It wont make it like one of these.

  GM has nothing today that will do what this car will other than going into a commercial truck.  Because of that, these cars have become strong collectors.   Look at it this way..... Tomorrow's cars like Corvettes will be faster and better than the top model they build today.  That you can guarantee. Even if its powered by electric power... It will be faster that the one made today!  You will never have the best one unless you trade it every year.  You will lose HUGE money doing that.  Its what the car makers want you to do!   Tomorrow's Cadillacs will be better than the models made today too BUT will they be as well made as the body on frame cars made from the 50s-90s?    Hard to say, but one thing is certain.... You CANNOT buy a car like this today new and it will probably never be done again.... when it does... it will be well over 100K to do it too as unibody has set the expected profit levels on the manufactures and price points on cars today.  Do you think they are going to give you more car for less in the future as they did on these models when they were made????  Right!

That is kind of my philosophy as to why these old cadillacs have actually started to achieve an appreciation that is growing as strong as Corvettes, muscle cars, exotics and more and possibly outdoing many of those now.  Its simply a car that will never come again.   Its the last of the dinosaur, if you want to put it that way.   The B and D body cars of this vintage were built here in Arlington Texas and this style ran from 93-96.  Things are bigger in Texas and we were proud these cars were build here from 88-96.  The Escalade is now built in Arlington. The D body is the Brougham, it is actually a longer car than the B body Caprice/Roadmaster/Impala, thus it has its own chassis, but as a whole 99% the same things using the LT1 Engine, the 4L60 Trans and the large 8.5 Diff.  94-96 have the LT1 power plant and are the ones to have of this body style, 93 carried over the 92 5.7TBI engine.  A good motor, but when you have the LT1, that TBI motor is grossly overshadowed.  Too bad they did not have the LT1 in the 90-92 cars... You would have probably the best of all there but the aerodynamics of this body style achieved something way beyond the 80-92 cars in terms of driving.  These are literally tons better when it comes to driving.  The LT1 is great and powerful engine that puts these cars in a performance category most people did not know they were actually capable of.  It came with a high quality stainless steel dual exhaust system, optional oil cooling systems and many things that were carried from the 9C1 police platform. These items helped extended the service life beyond what any Cadillac past these have done.  Time has proven that the iron head motors used in these cars are better than the alloy head corvette LT1s too.

This is a car that sits in the collection, but unlike the many I have that are no mile cars, this one gets out on the road.  Driving a car that is still somewhat late model like this but has the appreciation factor on the road this gets is quite unusual.  If you see a brougham of this vintage on the road at all, its usually gone.   One like this looks literally 10 mins old on the road vs as it did in 96.  People just done see that today and yet this car will drive as a modern as anything new you can buy of its type.  




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