1996 BMW 3 Series Convertible

Supercharged 3.2 Liter 24V B32

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1996 BMW!

1996 BMW 3 Series RMS Tuner Built E36 Convertible.  3.2 Liter M52B32 Engine, 5 Speed 5HP18 Automatic, Powerdyne Aftercooled Superchager.  Koni Struts, HR springs and sway bars,  Brembo F40 Calipers and floating rotor Brakes,  RMS header, ported head, and that list is just for the start........   The old car ad "too much to list" applies as much today as it did in the ads of the newspapers decades ago on this car.  The $40,000 worth of attached receipts depicting the additions over the base price of this 96 3 series convertible can explain it, but I will try and re explain it all on a more simplistic fassion.....  The is now a 3 owner car, the first owner built this car with a blank check, "make it the best in the world" is what he said.....   He took it to RMS, Race Marque Systems   and this was one of their finest cars done, still talked about today by them.   He kept it for many years until 2016, then sold it to another collector that both he and I are friends with.....  When it was later sold in 2017,  the car went through an auction site and in my opinion it was underrepresented quite a bit,  never really explaining what this car packed and the hardware hidden in the car.  It attracting a buyer that did not know what this car really was, how to handle it, etc..  After a drive home and a few months of putting about 400 miles on the car, he basically brought it to me and said it was way too much car for him and got himself a bone stock American driver....  So in a turn about, this car now in my hands, and I understand it, totally respect the workmanship that went into it and know how to work on it and preserve it.  

Having a few cars in my collection current and past, some are the top performers of their models, this car is no different.  This is not a race car,  no its not a manual.... but if you know how positive manifold pressure works with the supercharger.... the 5 speed automatic is the right selection but that's only with a supercharger or turbo.... ......  but Ill keep on........   This is a collector owned powerful all around any purpose performance car with a modest 396HP that is very pleasing to drive and very reliable in its modest power integrity.   It has more potential easily...  Just change pulley on the Powerdyne.... But again, its not a race car.   Oh yea, there are a ton of cars faster of course, but few in this E36 platform and few with the refinement and integrity this car presents at its power level.  I think the best explanation to this is car is "this is the way they should have been offered"    If you are a hands on wrench turner, an engineer, or just well well versed with high quality tuner cars, that is really the only way you will fully appreciate what went into this car...  And when it all works like it was made by the factory yesterday....  well that is what makes it really nice.   There are many custom and tuner cars that when done.... the car is worse than it was if it was left alone....  In fact that is probably the majority...... but this one is much much better than it was stock....  a true "super 3 series" that is as impressive today as the day it was made, representing a car BMW never built.. a 96 M3 convertible, and not just any M3....one with a supercharger!


Behind the grill can be seen the after cooler radiator and the engine oil cooler.

Perfect all glass projector headlamps.

Pilot spots all the way around. 225/45/17 Front 245/40/17 Rear

Above is the liquids cooled intercooler, it has its own radiator system in the front and its own pump system.  

Below is the Powerdyne superchager

Below is aftercooler radiator system.



The Alpine system is in its own league....  This was $7400.00 installed in 96....  Im not really even factoring that in the 40K of mods done to the car!   Did he pay too much, probably as with everything... But its seriously impressive and total stock looking install for the most part.  Another " blank check" project.  The sound is incredible...  One of the best installs of spme of the best equip available at the time.  Its honestly my personal favorite mod on this car.  I would say it outperforms the car itself.  I would never pay to do this, but when its this nice and sounds this good...   I can appreciate it.  TDA 7554, CDA-1204, MRV-F301, MRV-T501,  all speakers apline factory fits, sub is 8' in removable plug n play trunk box.




Suspension all M3 except Koni Yellows, HR springs and sway bars, front rear.  Brembo F40 calipers, floating 2 piece rotors13" x1.25".  RMS called this the stage 3 suspension.

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