1992 Corvette Roadster

LT1 - FX3 - G92 - CC2 Factory Hard Top

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1992 Corvette

1992 Corvette Convertible. 24K miles.  Classic White/Red. 5.7 LT1/Auto.  There are many 92 Corvettes Convertibles,  5875 to be exact....   But there are few C4 convertibles of any year you will see optioned like this one.  This car encompasses every option you could get on a convertible including the FX3 adjustable suspension and the factory ordered CC2 Convertible Hard Top. This car also has the G92 performance package.  It is riding on original 275/40 17 GSC tires all the way around and chrome factory 5 spoke wheels.   Of course this car has all the interior options like Sport adjustable seats, Bose Gold CD, Both side Power seats.... It really is every option you could get other than a luggage rack.  Some people like or hate the rack.  They can always be added for just a few bucks... but taking them off would pose a problem if they were disliked.   So to break it down, there really might be only a handful of convertibles actually encompassing the equipment set this car does.  Just the CC2 option was a total of 915 itself.  It is also very rare to see FX3 and G92 on a convertible.

This is a car I searched out and waited to find optioned up like this.   I did not want a 6 speed either although it would have been more rare.  Having 6 other corvettes that are manual transmissions in models like ZR1s and Callaways, an automatic is a nice change.   Side by side, there is no comparison on just drivability.  The automatic simply drives better and feels like a more "solid car".  To take it one step further, having the CC2 hard top on one of these with the integrated support brackets, etc makes the chassis stiffer than a C4 coupe.  These convertible have the X-brace on them, and when you put the top on, the hardtop convertible becomes the most rigid C4 made.   I will say the 6 speed are fun to drive fast and hard, but having a weekend convertible with an automatic is a really nice change over the manual.  And these cars are no slouch with the auto either.  They will all hit about 170MPH, and with the G92 package run the 1/4 mile in the 13s without straining the car.

 It took about 4 years actually find this car, and any color would have been acceptable too.  White/red is a huge bonus as it really is a good look. I wanted a 92 as 92 represents the year before they tamed down the corvette suspension, took out many things that cost money, in order to save money, put plastic valve covers on the engine, shrunk down the wheel and tire size and more.  Many people don't know the difference in a 92 vs a 93+, but it will become evident the older and more collectible these cars become.   I am sure you will see articles on it some day in the future but right now on a totally dead zone car, it is something not worth really worrying about unless you are just into these cars like I am. Being a dead zone car means its time to buy too!  The car is not old enough to be a true classic and its too old to be a daily driver for most.  There are still a few good ones left out there like this, but they are getting used up fast or weathered away. 1992 is also the only year the LT1 ran the speed density system which resulted in less intake restriction. So all of these reasons are why I actually sold a 96 to find a 92 like this.  Much of the same car all in all, but enough differences to make it obvious side by side, especially with the performance options.

As with most nice and well kept corvettes, the cars are nice.  This car is really nice.  Just a collectible lightly driven weekend car.  It is one of the few cars I actually enjoy driving out of the collection.  I am not on pins and needles with it and it does everything right.



I am not sure what looks better... top on or off.  The Hardtop Convertible really has a good look with it on, but who can argue with it off!

Incredible under hood as with entire car.  Note the "BIG" GSC tires, not the small stuff...  Try and find these... Good luck!

92 is the only LT1 to get the Magnesium Valve Covers.  93+ went plastic :(    Also 92 is the only Speed Density LT1 too.

Again the original GSCs and you can see the FX3 shock servos too.

The much improved 5 spoke chrome wheels are NOT original to this year, they are 96 optional wheels I added.  Tires are original though and these wheels are the 17x9.5s all the way around as all 1992 had.  In 1993+ the front wheels went to that "sunk in" look which are little 17x8s wheels.  This was to tune down the handling of the cars as they were outdoing their audience's capabilities.  Give me performance, not a dumbed down car!  That really put a bad taste in my mouth with Corvette when they did that in 93 amongst a lot of other things that are not as noticeable.

Perfect undercarriage, 100% original everything, exhaust and all, best of best in a C4.

Great looking interior.  Zoom in on any photo. Car is running on this photo.

The optional sport seats!    In 1994 the optional sport seats went to the "fat man" style vs these tight, comfortable and supportive type racings seats.  Another let down to me when that happened.  They had to cater though to an enlarging America.  Not everyone can fit in these.

Note the "big 3" in the console.  Pass/Driver Power and FX3 suspension.  These are also the optional sport seats too!

AC working like new and Bose Gold CD working perfect including all amps and speakers.  (the #1 a common C4 problem, these Bose Systems)  Got no highs, got no lows, must be Bose.  This one sounds real good though as all amps have had the required mods done to them now.

Perfect original air dam, not drug off like 90% of them.

Rear package section with Bose Gold Speakers.

Rear deck up.

CC2 Hard Top off.

This soft top has really never been used thus you see the wrinkles that will go away with use.  The car either has the Hard Top on, or off.  I call this one an emergency top and it has not been needed.  One of the positive upgrades in 94 was the introduction of the rear glass window on the soft top.  Really the only positive upgrade past 92 I would say on the C4.  The 92 is plastic. But with the hard top, no big deal!

Original front windshield.

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