1992 Crown Victoria Touring Sedan - P95

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1992 Ford Crown Victoria Touring Sedan (P75) This is truly a unique and eclectic car.  In fact these are so rare, I did not even know they existed until I did some homework on the models.  Most people, like myself, that are fans of the Crown Victoria know of the P71 (Police Car), and the other “P” designations of the many base and enhanced models of Crown Victorias.  For only one year in 1992, these few limited production cars were built as the Crown Victoria Touring Sedan under the P75 VIN Designation.  1992 is also the first year of the newer crown vic with the 4.6 engine that is carried on even today.   I am assuming due to the 30% extra price over base and the fact these were more “performance” type cars than the general Crown Vic crowd attracted, the orders were not many thus it was only made one year.  I would say this was really the first version of what Chevy did with the Impala SS.  I would also say that the total productions of these Touring Sedans are about a % of the Impala SS too.  I really have not been able to find out how many of these were actually made.  If you know, please chime in!

 What this car is, is a essentially a P71 with every available option known to the Ford Lineup designated under the one time used P75 VIN ID.   Later Crown Vic’s would see things like the HPP package, sport package and special ordered version of the car per unit, but not to this loaded out level as a “Touring Sedan” package like the P75.   The Touring Sedan has the suspension of the P71 with the higher rate springs, larger sway bars, quicker ratio steering, etc plus all the luxury items found on a loaded out Town Car.  The Touring Sedan also boasts the 3.27 rear gear ratio with limited slip, 4 wheel disk brakes, dual exhaust higher performance engine (210HP), heavy duty cooling, power steering cooling, extra transmission cooling, gauges, larger wheels and performance tires, ABS, Traction, etc.  Its performance was rated at over a full second faster than a base Crown Vic and had a top speed said to hit in the 130s.  (same as P71)  Of course things like power windows, power seats with recliners and lumbar, power mirrors, power antenna, Ford JBL system with trunk mount subwoofer!, Door keypad system, special “Touring Sedan” floor mats and more were on this car.   The car is identifiable by the “Touring Sedan” badges on the front quarter panels, the larger wheels, the lower stance, and the "touring" body molding.  The door panels and leather seats are also special to the Touring Sedan along with the dark wood trim inside.  I do not believe there is an option available that is not on this car.  It has it all. I also believe that all touring sedans are a two tone color combination with the slate color at bottom, but I have not seen but a few.  This is the only white one I have seen so far too. 

As bizarre as it may seem to some “popular” model car collectors, there are actually collectors for every type of car in the world it seems.  The first owner of this car collected just 1992 Ford Crown Vic Touring Sedans.  He had 3.  I also have some impressive factory sales and manufacturing literature, slides, slicks and more for these cars.  No production numbers though even with all that.  Although this car is not like my typical mega low mile collector examples, it’s condition level is on the level of some of my better cars and comes with a very basic proposition;  Take every waking moment from now until you pass away to find a better example of a P75 than this one.  I would say this car is the best example of the Crown Victoria Touring Sedan the world has saved.  This is why you see it here in my collection.   This car has been garaged every moment, perfect 100% original paint, perfect leather and interior, cared and loved its entire life.  The car shows way better that any skeptic could ever contemplate.  If you are looking to find the best of this model, I think I have it here.  Not sure if I will sell it as it is so nice, but I may one day.

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Unique Touring Sedan Interior, every option under the sun on the P75
JBL Audio System
Special Touring Sedan Steering wheel and gauges, auto lamp, cruise and more.
JBL Audio System with Add on Changer - This system is actually incredible even today
The biggest disservice to this car.  Its like a 5K mile car.
Perfect door panels and all of the car actually
Special P75 Touring Seats with 2 tone piping, power, recliner and lumbar.  Only one year like this.
Ford MOD 4.6 210HP version for the P75. Most are 190.  Perfect under hood and all.
Best 1992 Crown Vic ever.
Touring Sedan Door Panel for P75
Touring Sedan Floor Mats for P75
Perfect headliner
Just perfect leather
Minimal wear driver seat.  Like a 5K mile car.
CD Changer, also cargo net option too.
1992 is the only year Crown Vic that looks like this and the only year for the P75 touring Sedan.
A shrine to the Crown Vic and Touring Sedan.  If I only had this type literature on a car people actually care about.
Some really interesting and rare stuff here.  
Ford Press Release announcing the Touring Sedan!
Factory JBL Subwoofer system. No newer crown vic had this stuff.
Unused touring wheel and tire.
Ford Slick on the 4.6, just one of hundreds of things like this in those packages.
Slides, press release ford info for 1992.  Yep the mustang and SHO are in there too. 
Just unreal original perfect show condition paint on all things... a crown vic.
Actually a nice looking car, but drives even better.  Yes the antenna is power, yes it works.
Another all telling shot of a show car quality piece here in an overprotected Crown Vic.
16" wheels and 225/60 16 H rated tires

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