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1971 Cadillac Coupe Deville

1971 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, 375HP 472CID.  Last year of the High Compression High Power 472s representing the last days when big Cadillacs were actually fast.  I would say this car is the car to judge all early 70s cars by in condition, any make, any model and miles any pedigree.  This is what every old car only wishes it could be. This is the OLDEST car I have ever seen in the best, true original condition I have encountered.  The photos should say it all.  This just may be the only car I own that I will simply say is the best example on the planet of its type ...... period....... Yes, I have late 70s cars that have less miles that are brand new with the window stickers on them, 80s, cars, 90s, cars, etc.  However someone else just may have one out there too just like those.  But for early 70s and even late 60s, who actually saved a car like this?  Who actually cherished them vs just neglecting them in a garage waiting for the beneficiaries to get hold of them, stick them outside for a year thinking they are taking care of them, then only to sell them off after the car is trashed to buy a Prius or worse.  "Oh Suzy, Dad's old car is so big, lets sell it and get an Escalade.. I know it was important to him, but its just an old car."   And when someone tried to save them even with no miles, what were the chances they actually knew what they were doing and then what were the chances something did not ruin the car over 40 years.  

 I have yet to see a car that has actually survived to the level of this one from the late 60s early 70s era as honest as this car here.   If you want to see what a true original one of these cars looked like when it was, lets say, about a year old and kept perfect.  This is it. Original everything... except for the wheels of course...... Yes that means paint, that means belts, that means hoses, exhaust, tailpipe and resonator, shocks, etc... that means everything.   This ain't no restored muscle car original... This is real original.  Now I have seen old cars from this era with decent with original paint, I have bought some top examples in excellent condition but I had to repaint to meet the demanding standards of today's collector that have looked at cars with rose colored glasses for many years now.  I have bought cars from people that have even claimed original paint, and in all honest truly believe their car had original paint in perfect shape but later found on inspection was not original in the paint dept....   This car is in a league by itself and it is the real deal. 100% original paint but what is rare about this original paint is the fact its... In SHOWROOM NEW CONDITION.  Not some "survivor" or excuse word to go with it.  This car offers no excuses and it takes no prisoners to anyone that dares compare a similar early 70s car to it.   No flaws, no fading, no crazing, no dents, no smudges, no chips, no stains,... (look at the front on zoom) It represents the last of the pretty decent 70s GM factory paint jobs as well as anything ever did even when they were 6 months old.  Later 70s went to hell in a hand basket as you know.  Look at an original 76 eldorado....  Nothing on this car has been doctored up, nothing altered, nothing modified, nothing "detailed" under the hood, and nothing changed. (except wheels/tires)  No other old car of this early 70s era has ever compared to this car in my now 30 years in cars.  If that is a bold statement, just wait till you see the car.

Car was kept in a floor heated facility in Denver Colorado up until I adopted it  Owner was associated with Rickenbaugh Cadillac of Denver when the car was new and collected a few cars on this level.  The facility he kept it in with the heated floor since new is why I attest this car to be what it is.   Denver does not get hot like the south and bake the plastics and rubber... this happens even if you put the car inside and never let it see the sun.  You got to have AC in your garage in the south on no one did in 1971!  Having AC in a garage in Texas is a good 2000 a year commitment in electricity alone.. Who does that besides nut cases like me.   It was not ever driven in weather, so things like rust are like using the word thief and Mother Teresa in the same sentence.   It was the "perfect climate" that made this car what it is, a lot of knowhow and love along with 40 years of good luck.  Only thing better would be to put it on a lift or have carpet under it.  That was not something really done in the early 70s. Some of the late 70s+ 0 mile cars I even have are not on the level of this car I hate to say.  This is of course a one owner, original title, not a forgotten car, but one that was kept like this for its entire life BY SOMEONE THAT KNEW CARS.    Yes, this is a high mile car compared to some of my later ones.  It has been driven a whole bunch. This car is 16K miles original.  BUT I would compare this car to any 68-72 car on the planet that are and documented survivors of any miles....  I would say there will not be much that compares to this.   Here is a good comparison....  http://www.mcsmk8.com/PAST-CARS/72LS5-01.JPG   That was an actual 800 mile 1972 454 corvette.  It was sold in the late 90s and documented as the lowest mile big block corvette in the world.... A mid 6 figure car.   This Cadillac is a full level above it.   Its not always about the miles.....its how the car was stored, and this one was stored like it was priceless.... probably just the luck of the draw, but the car is what it is.

Now for me.... this car really just makes me mad...  Why?   It literally has raised the bar on any car of this era to me.   I'll never be able to settle now for less than this condition. Duplicating this car in its condition along with its true originality is just not possible down to the intricate details.   I have cars that are way more rare and way more desirable that I want to go back and kick after I inspect this car.  I have had sub 1000 mile 76 Eldorados.... Nothing like this car in condition.  Why?  2 reasons, poor 76 build quality and just the fact they did not survive as well due to storage differences.   I have one of the best 66 Eldorados in the planet that has similar miles to this car and is as good as it gets.  Its been repainted... it had to be, no choice about it.  Its not as original as this car and on the edges I have to say not as perfect as this either....  What I am saying, is few cars will be like this one from this era.   When the word "original" is used so loosely, we have this car to really show us up and put us in check.. at least when comparing cars from the late 60s and early 70s.  This will make many cars that are called original look rather foolish.  Its actually frustrating......


I had no clue these were stamped like this.  And I learned AC in the 70s on these cars.

Original Water pump

I guess they all had a stamp on them...  Never knew that myeslf.

Original jack looks like a gold brick it is so perfect.  Yes of course original spare 2 stripe.

Wood tire chalk in position.  None of this has ever been taken out.

If you do not remember, click any photo for a zoom.

The door pulls have the "dealership" mod to them.  This was done when the car was 6 months old under a GM Bulletin according to its records.

Rear Defrost System Above

Original Harrison Decal, Expansion Valve and Red Ink Stamp on Evaporator.

Try and achieve this with a 100K+ restoration.... You cant.

FM- No Static At All.....

Yes this car is simply new.  Above photo caught the poverty caps before I changed the wheels.  Original and perfect of course.. but just flat ugly compared.

Just a funny reality that so many sports car and exotic people just don't get, and set so far out of their minds...... Do you know what is one of the fastest cars in the history of the unlimited open class cannonball run was run here in the early 70s??   I am not talking about the movie... I am talking about the real deal, real world, real speed.....   A 71 Cadillac.. Beating out all the cars you "think" were faster;  Google it.

Click here to watch a Video Tribute to the 71 Cadillac done by Fleetofcads.com


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